American Electric Power
Kyger Creek Power Plant (Ohio): Large scale construction layout of a multi-million dollar emissions control addition. Staked out multiple buildings, underground pipes, piers for steel structures, thousands of bolts to very tight tolerances, thousands of auger cast piles, more than 2 miles of overland conveyor belt, and river cells for barges.
Mountaineer Power Plant (West Virginia): Construction layout of a new holding pond, pump house, storm sewer pipes, catch basins and manholes. Subcontracted for Bowen Engineering.
Clinch River Power Plant (Virginia): Construction layout of a new emission reduction facility and coal yard conveyor. Subcontracted for United Construction Company Inc.
Amos Power Plant (West Virginia): 1000 Acre boundary for new landfill.

GPD Associates/AT&T Wireless/T-Mobile
Lease area boundary surveys, topographic surveys of raw land sites, easement surveys, plats and descriptions for lease and easement recording, preparing 1A and 2C letters.

Austin Powder Company
1500 Acre boundary for site. 30 acre topographic map for design company. Worked with an aerial mapping firm to put together a flown topographic map.

Private Sector Surveying
E&R Excavating: Construction layout and site certification for Ohio Department of Natural Resources mine reclamation projects.
Boundary surveys from less than an acre to almost 1500 acres, subdivision layout, mortgage surveys, ALTA surveys, acreage splits, small area topographical surveys, and small scale construction layout.